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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> this process is an embarrassment. this is nuclear grade bonkers. >> what is happening here tonight -- >> the latest effort in the senate to repeal and replace the affordable care act was defeated again. we will show you why republicans did not have the support. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for waking up with us if you're just joining us. we have all the news and weather and traffic you need to know on this friday, july 28. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your friday morning weather. rosemary is right here. happy friday to you. we will warm-up as we get into the weekend. that is a trend that will last for several days. this morning, waking up with low clouds along the coast. inside the bay as well. temperatures ranging from the low 50s to upper 60s. 52 in santa rosa.
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54, san francisco. upper 50s in oakland. low 50s in livermore and san jose. the onshore breeze remains in place although it is fairly weak. fairfield reporting 17 miles an hour. oakland reporting 13. that is not really going to help the inland communities out but it will remain inside the bay and along the coastline. with that said, our microclimate pattern will be set in place for friday. here is a look at the fog from up above. it will pullback. partly cloudy at the coastline today. mostly sunny elsewhere in temperatures like this -- mid 60s, pacifica. upper 60s, san francisco. 86, mountain view. 84, hayward. 96, antioch. 93, santa rosa. mid to upper 90s in morgan hill and gilroy. it will be warm by noon in gilroy. mid 80s.
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temperatures remain warm through the weekend. i will look at your extended forecast in a little bit. good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well. in fact, today, it is lighter than usual at the toll plaza. it is 6:00 and we do not have a big backup this is unusual and we will take it. it looks pretty good. also looking at interstate 880. it is lightly traveled as you pass the oakland coliseum. we took an overview look at the east bay commute. i'm looking around for slow traffic. i see a little bit on highway 4 as you drive into concord. new this morning, we are talking about a crash in menlo park. and early-morning crash near facebook headquarters. it injured five people. this happened around 4:30 am near willow road and bayfront expressway. three people had minor injuries
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there are others had moderate injuries. several lanes were blocked after the crash but they have been reopened. because of the crash is still under investigation. firefighters in antioch are investigating three suspicious fires the could be the work of a serial arsonist. leigh martinez joins us now from the area in antioch that has been burned recently. >> reporter: that's right. a fire investigator is saying these fires were intentionally said. we're off of highway 4 on sunset. we cannot really get to the area where the fires were set. if you look past this industrial complex, there is a grassy area by the railroad tracks. in between are some houses on the other side. these fires are taking place in these grassy areas but it is dangerous how close they are to some of the buildings and some of the homeless. an off-duty colorado springs
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firefighter was in antioch visiting his grandparents when he jumped into action. here he is with a garden hose attacking the head of the fire. it's a good thing he was there to help. the fire was not far from homes. one fire was reported on sunset drive off of highway 4 yesterday afternoon. the other two when your hillcrest avenue. >> the three fires range in size from approximately a half acre to two acres. we have determined all fires were intentionally set and we have received some suspect information we are following up on. we have some other information that we will have investigators follow up on. >> reporter: there were seven fires last week coming close to building such as a school, a church and an apartment complex. they were set within one mile of each other and within one hour. contra costa county fire officials say crews were rushing to get from fire to
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fire which gave the next fire more time to burn before firefighters could attack it. investigators say they have eliminated all possible natural causes. they do believe these fires are arson. as you heard, they do have a suspect description they are working off of but so far no arrests have been made. just hours ago, the latest attempt by senate republicans to approve a pared down health care plan was shot down on the floor. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it's time to move on. richard dennison has the latest on the healthcare drama on capitol hill. >> reporter: it was a long night for the senate. around 1:40 am, the latest attempt to repeal obamacare died by just a few votes. >> this was a disappointment, it disappointment, indeed. >> reporter: the voting was
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largely along party lines however susan collins from maine, lisa murkowski from alaska and john mccain of arizona >> reporter: ranks from fellow republicans. president trump respondent on twitter -- three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning. let obamacare implode then deal. the loss is a serious blow to the president's agenda and more embarrassment for a party that has about to bury the affordable care act. >> i imagine many of our colleagues on the other side are celebrating, probably pretty happy about all of this. >> my dear friend the majority leader, we are not celebrating. we are relieved. >> reporter: even if it passed come that would not have been the final bill, just a way for lawmakers to keep the issue alive. democrats were not on board. >> this process is an embarrassment. this is nuclear grade bonkers what is happening here tonight. >> reporter: republicans
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promising to keep up the fight. >> if you stand up in campaign and say we will repeal obamacare and you vote for obamacare, those are not consistent. >> reporter: his comments are a clear criticism of senator mccain but in a statement, mccain says he supports overhauling healthcare but does not want it to be crammed through. richard dennison, fox news. >> the nonpartisan congressional budget office says that defeated health care bill would have resulted in 60 million fewer americans with medical coverage by the year 2026. it also would have increased premiums by 20% every year between 2018 and 2026. senator dianne feinstein was on twitter last night and she said -- tonight, we celebrate. tomorrow, we get back to work to improve the affordable care act for all americans. thousands and thousands of california calls and emails lead the way to defeating this terrible bill. thank you. and arizona senator --
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arizona senator john mccain said this -- skinny repeal fell short because it fell short of our promise to repeal and replace obamacare with meaningful reform. at 9:00, one of the men charged in the ghost ship warehouse fire will ask a judge to reduce his million dollar bail. attorneys for max harris says he is not a flight risk or a public danger. they want him released from jail on his own recognizance. harris and his codefendant, derrick almena, base 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for each person killed in last december's fire. investigators say that almena went to the warehouse while harris helped sublet it. the two men were hosting a concert and party at the time the building caught fire. the family of a cal state long beach student killed a november 2015 paris terror attack said internet company should be held responsible. lawyers for the parents of nohemi gonzalez were in an oakland courtroom yesterday. they say that youtube was complicit in the attack and death's because it repeatedly
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allowed isis and its supporters to post videos sometimes with paid ads. the parent company is relying on a 21-year-old law that says websites cannot be held liable for content that is provided by others. >> the things that we are seeing in terms of the way that the internet is being used were not even imagined by the people he created that communications decency act. >> attorneys for the family argue that youtube should be held responsible for providing isis a platform that was repeatedly used to encourage attacks. ogle has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. the judge is expected to rule on the motion in the next few months. police in fremont are searching for a missing man considered at risk. 33-year-old, brandon lin, was last seen wednesday morning around 11:00 at asa computers he is described as an asian man with brown eyes, short black hair that he sometimes wears in a bun.
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you see his photo. he is 5 feed, and weighs about 200 pounds. if you have any information,, fremont police. in response to the failure of the oroville dam, california is ordering 93 dams to be reinspected. the department of water resources released a list of the dams which include some in the bay area. that list includes san andreas dam and san mateo county, lake chabot dam in alameda county, and briones dam and contra costa county. operators have been told to check the facilities and determine how well each spillway will hold during heavy rain. it's now safer to hold your cell phone in san francisco then it was a couple of years ago. coming up, the new numbers that show a law change the way thieves think about your smart phone. lake tahoe is full now but they are environmental concerns for what is happening around the water. coming up, we will tell you what's happening to thousands
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of trees. is going to be a nice weekend and lake tahoe and here. we will check on current conditions and line up your afternoon highs for today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. in spain, a commuter train crashed into a barrier at a
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station in barcelona. the government announced that 56 people were hurt but only one suffered serious injuries. one passenger says when the train was pulling into the station and the conductor applied the brakes, there was a strange noise. all the passengers were tossed to the floor. there was damage to the front of the train and between the first and second railcars. fewer cell phones are being stolen in san francisco and it's thanks to a new law in california. san francisco district attorney announced yesterday that smart phone robberies in the city have plunged 50% since the law went into effect. he was a leading advocate for california's smart phone theft prevention act. basically it makes remote kill switch is mandatory in all phones which makes them less desirable to thieves. smart phones became easy targets with thieves running up on victims and stealing phones out of their hands. the robberies at times turned violent and thieves sometimes assaulted the victim's. in ohio, the operator of the amusement park ride that broke apart killing one person
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and injuring others says that ride was inspected several times before the accident. an 18-year-old man who had just joined the marines was killed. seven other riders were hurt when they were thrown to the ground. investigators now want to know why a section of seats broke loose from the rest of the ride. the dutch manufacturer of the fire ball ride is ordering that same ride be shut down in tears around the world until the reason for the malfunction can be determined. start the airline industry is facing a shortage of pilots. according to a cnn money report, 42% of active pilots in the u.s. will retire in the next 10 years which is about 22,000 pilots. the report said to make up for the loss, 87 new pilots would need to be trained every day. that our efforts to attract new pilots. south dakota senator john sion with recently proposed lowering the minimum hours pilots are required to train. let's check in with sal
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watching the commute and looking at the toll plaza. hello, sal. >> we can't hear you. maybe a switch or a battery. sometimes sal gets coffee and he doesn't want others to hear private conversations. it is a battery. >> rosemary is here and she is checking the weather. >> and we caught rosemary offguard as well. >> if me a minute! >> you guys do all of your graphics. you do all of your forecasting. >> we're checking the updates and getting it ready to go. >> i love jack london square. it is so pretty. >> and a welcome breeze for a lot of people. >> you could walk right there from here. this afternoon if you're going to be at one of those outdoor patios where they serve food, it's going to be
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beautiful today. let's talk about what's going on . the onshore breezes with us this morning. belford reporting 17 miles an hour. 13 in oakland. we will remain with the onshore breeze but it will be week over the next few days. that means inland communities will suffer. if you like the hits, it's coming. and it's going to remain for several days. the localized sea breeze will keep the coast and our bayside communities mild to warm. the fog cover is all the way inside the bay this morning. we saw some of that over jack london square and along the east bay shore. 57 in oakland. 60s in brentwood. south bay locations, 61 and san jose. palo alto, 57. for the afternoon, temperatures are coming up slightly. today we should see minor changes as we get into the back end of the weekend. temperature will will then be warmer.
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66, stinson beach. there will be some areas that are mild and lovely. then you go inland and 96 in clearlake. that is a hot day. hopefully you like the he. 97 for the inner east bay. if you don't like the hits, go west. temperatures will range from the upper 70s to low 80s. afternoon highs for the south bay and the upper 80s. any time the gilroy garlic festival comes around, it's going to be warm. 95 expected for you this afternoon. 85 by lunch time. if you are going to the festival, go early or maybe wait until closer to the evening hours. 84 in san mateo this afternoon. 69, san francisco. we are going to see the a's playing, it's gorgeous out there. mostly sunny skies and 69 degrees by gametime at 7:05 pm with a west breeze around 10 miles an hour. temperatures will continue to call back into the low 60s by
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the end of the game. here's a look the extended forecast. temperatures creeping up into the weekend. we do have -- can you call that a cooldown? i don't think so. temperatures come back down slightly as we get to work on monday. the next several days, it's going to be hot inland. upper 90s. 80s around the bay and 60s on the coast. >> it's better than the hundreds which we have seen this summer. and that was when the coast was hot as well. now at least you get some relief if you had west. students may be in for a surprise this fall. the state is facing a teacher shortage. we will tell you how schools are trying to fill the void. more and more gun stores are being targeted by brazen thieves. you will see why even the best security systems don't work.
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[ music playing ][ laughter ] >> songs from this take aid -- this decade only. for the traffic jams. taylor swift.
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i believe this is -- >> was a 2011? >> it is from this decade. this was requested from the facebook page. if there's something you want to hear, i will play request on friday. we do have some fun here on friday. >> you know that song, don't you? be met yes. i have a little taylor swift fan in my house. i think that's on her 1989 album. to your she was born. school districts across california are working to fill as many teacher vacancies as they can before the fall starts. >> state superintendent it says of the 24,000 credentialed teachers needed every year, only 16,000 jobs have been built so far. and many school districts will start the school year with the
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20%-25% substitute faculty. the department of education will not say exactly which school districts are struggling. in the meantime, some districts are getting creative with how they fill those vacancies. sacramento city unified school district recruited about a dozen teachers from the philippines. google ceo said the company plans to train 10 million people in africa in online skills to prepare them for jobs of the future. he made the announcement at a conference in nigeria saying the training will involve learning to build websites and how to use social media to promote small businesses. >> i'm excited to train 10 million people over the next five years. >> google also says it's committed to making sure at least 40% of the people trained
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in those online skills are women. in lake tahoe, problems caused by a record drought several years ago -- a study finds a number of dead trees in lake tahoe basin doubled in the past year to about 70,000. and they are blaming the drought. environmentalists say trees are prone to disease and beetle infestations. researchers also have found a growing number of invasive species in the water. that includes clams that can degrade how clear the leak is. opponents of a proposed medical marijuana dispensary in san francisco's sunset neighborhood, refused to give up after the planning commission approved the pot club. neighbors represented by the pacific justice institute marched to the city clerk's office to file a complaint. they say the dispensary could pose a threat to children at a nearby church preschool. the dispensary owners including former oakland mayor, jean quan, say their business would not be a danger. point out there is already a
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liquor store next to the church. >> we have in the law a specific requirement that no place where children congregate can be within 600 feet of such a dispensary. >> they are misinterpreting the law as they have done repeatedly and they're making things up about dangers to children that simply do not exist. >> the owners say the state law that opponents are referring to only applies to k-12 schools, not preschools. still ahead, a former bay heading to court. coming up, the charges he is facing and how he may be connected to a bigger scandal. just ahead, heading out the door early, that does not guarantee you will have a quicker morning commute. what has changed on bay area roads in just a couple years. i am tracking a minor warm- up for your weekend and beyond. i will look at what you can
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expect for your neighborhood coming up. ♪
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good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it's friday, july 28 . i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. we talk about this a lot.
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we get up early. we are here early and we see more cars on the road. there is no stopping traffic increases. >> more people are out there jamming the roads and they are doing it earlier in traffic is heavy on the bridges as well. alex savidge is at the bay bridge toll plaza and i'm sure you are asking drivers what they think. >> it looks like he's moved up a bit. >> reporter: good morning. the drivers i've talked to this morning tell me they did not need a study to tell them the early morning commute has gotten busier in the bay area. this morning, we do have the numbers, they are not that good. i will give you a look at the day bridge -- the bay bridge which this morning in stockton and more often than not is backed up on most morning. a study by the metropolitan commission now shows the number of drivers across the bay bridge during the 4 am hour has gone up 36% over the past couple of years. this is according to a report by the san francisco chronicle. on the san mateo bridge,
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researchers found a similar story. traffic during the 4 am hour has increased 31% in the last two years. on the dumbarton bridge, they have seen a 39% spike in the number of drivers coming across between 4 am and 5 am. early morning commuters i spoke with are not surprised by these figures. they have seen things get more crowded. >> it makes sense. it's big difference between 4:00 and 5:00. the big difference. it is what it is. you need to do what you've got to do. >> reporter: it's hard to pinpoint exactly why more people are heading out the door to work earlier and earlier in the morning. researchers say the growing economy in the bay area has to be a factor. also another thing to consider and keep in mind is that the toll at the bay bridge jumps from four dollars up to six dollars starting at 5 am.
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you may have a few people trying to sneak in under the gun before the told jones. while there seems to be more early morning commuters according to the study, the number of drivers hitting the road later in the morning, between the 6 am hour, those numbers have remained relatively flat it is those early morning commuters. we have certainly noticed it working on this shift. sal, i know as you watch the traffic patterns over the years, i'm sure you have seen the commute get busier and busier earlier in the morning. >> do you want to hear a funny coincidence? we have been doing -- i've been saying there has been no summer break all summer long and the traffic has been slow. today, you're doing a story on how slow it is and it's been lighter than usual on the bay bridge for the first time in three months. >> i heard you say it was light at the toll plaza. >> reporter: that israel -- ironic.
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>> thank you. i want to let you know that the tv gods are not with us today but they are with the commuters. we will continue on from here. it is lighter. if you are brushing your teeth and not looking, take a look. when, at 6:33 am have we seen this unless it's a sunday. it is light and we will take it. the traffic continues to look good getting into san francisco. no major problems. it's kind of like when i was reporter and doing live shots for the 6:00 news right then there would be a fire truck that will come by with sirens blaring during my live shot. that happened more than once. this is a look at 880 north- and southbound. you can see traffic is moving along okay. this is a look at 880 southbound , a little bit of slow traffic but we are having a good friday when it comes to traffic around the bay area. at 6:33 am, let's go over to rosemary with the forecast. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s
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across the bay area today. it is summer time in the bay area. we have temperatures ranging from the 60s with partly to mostly cloudy skies at the coast. manigo inland, we will be near 100. here's a look at that cloud cover along the coastline and just inside the bay. santa rosa reporting 52. san francisco, 54. oakland, upper 50s. san jose and livermore in the upper 60s. high pressure over the desert southwest bringing in some of that monsoonal moisture. if you are going to be in the sierra today, there is a slight chance for thunderstorms this afternoon. also on sunday. this trough off the coastline will help to keep our temperatures where we were yesterday. once this lifts out of the area, high pressure will strengthen just a bit. we will warm-up for the back end of the weekend. it is a warm-up that will last
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for several days but the onshore breeze remains at the upper levels. this is through areas like fairfield. 96 for fairfield today. 96, antioch. 69 in san francisco. at the coast, mid 60s. in the north bay, 93 and santa rosa. 89, san jose. temperatures creep up as we get into the weekend. i will look at your extended forecast coming up. a judge ordered a former deputy accused of having sex with a woman at the center of that bay area police scandal to stand trial. ricardo perez is accused of having sex with jasmine abuslin when she was 17. yesterday at a preliminary hearing, she testified against perez and described meeting the deputy on facebook. she said at first they exchanged nude photos. and they eventually met several times for sex. she also testified that when she told perez he was -- she was underage come he did not seem to care. >> for him, it was a good
6:36 am
thing. it was free and he enjoyed taking advantage of this. all of this was unbecoming of an officer and very unprofessional and lacking in moral fortitude. >> the attorney for perez said his client did not know how old abuslin was and she told perez she was married with four kids. the defense attorney also said the photos she sent were provocative and adult like. and napa county mother and her boyfriend were sentenced to life in prison without parole for torturing and killing her three-year-old daughter. the body of kayleigh slusher was found in her home in february 2014. an autopsy showed she died of blunt force trauma after being stomped and punched the the mother, sarah krueger, and her boyfriend, ryan scott warner, were put on trial together but were in front of separate juries. gun stores are becoming
6:37 am
prime targets for thieves as atf officials say they see a new trend. here is more on the increase in robberies and the fear from law enforcement. >> reporter: the criminals show no hesitation, smashing through front doors was stolen vehicles if necessary to steal firearms and minutes. -- in minutes. >> reporter: the atf's a gun store robberies and thefts are up 175% in the last five years. earlier this week, 20 semiautomatic rifles taken in littleton colorado led to no arrests. >> these are crimes that could potentially hurt people and maybe,'s death. >> reporter: in tucson, broad daylight was not a deterrent. >> a state around with money in hand to make a purchase, it seemed, coming in for one item. four minutes later, they were gone and out the door. >> reporter: security systems do not always matter. one failing to smash a car through, thieves and castle
6:38 am
rock returned and attached tow cables to the front doors tuple them ( >> there is a certain a lot -- amount of loss that is acceptable and retail businesses. >> reporter: nationwide in 2012, there were close to 5800 guns stolen. and 2016, it neared 9300 pick the atf calls the rise in the number of unregulated guns ending up in the hands of criminals alarming. they say often, organized gangs, target shop after shop. >> they can be bartered for drugs or for favors. to get them to their criminal friends and associates and their use in other crimes. >> the atf said they offer a reward for information leading to arrests but admits it hit and miss on how much that helps. >> reporter: there are no federal security regulations on gun stores. only recommendations. in denver, alecia cuneo, fox news. advocates for the homeless in the south bay claim victory as the city of san jose backed away from a crackdown on the people who feed the homeless.
6:39 am
last month the city responded to complaints about litter and trash in the park city leaders considered handing out citations and enforcing an ordinance banning food distribution. the city spokeswoman told ktvu now they want to focus on educating the homeless on how to get help. they also want to get the word out on the concerns about feeding the homeless before they enforce an ordinance. >> they need to put a stop to it. i know they do. it's hard for them but they do need to step. they are giving them free reign. >> living out here in san jose is very difficult. it's hard and expensive. the quality of life for everybody is not equal. >> we are not here to issue citations unnecessarily. we are here to get the community to work together. >> homeless advocates want a piece of land or property downtown where they can get a permit to serve food. in the meantime, homeless advocates say they are willing to start a program to help clean up the trash at the park.
6:40 am
five people were rushed to the hospital overnight. coming up, the crash under investigation near facebook headquarters. google's footprint on the silicon valley is getting bigger. more on how the company just spent hundreds of millions of dollars on local real estate. the gilroy garlic festival begins today. what you need to know before you head out the door.
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good morning and welcome
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back to mornings on 2. we want to take you live to the big bore. the dow jones is down this morning and so is the nasdaq and the s&p 500. probably having to do a bit with the uncertainty in our nation's capital. there is a live look, down 21 point >> we will keep watching. we had's a good earnings coming this way. struck a new report shows google has spent nearly $1 billion on real estate signaling another expansion. the business journal reports google has quietly bought 52 properties in an area of sunnyvale known as moffat part. that area includes research, office and industrial buildings. the mercury news report -- reports the land could be used for more than 11,000 employees. it is also near google's mountain view headquarters. the house of representatives approved a spending bill that includes money for building a wall along the mexican border.
6:44 am
$1.6 billion of taxpayer money is set aside for building the wall. the spending bill will probably not pass the senate were democrats say they are going to block it. president trump during his campaign promised he would make mexico pay for the wall. for now, plans for the proposed boarder wall are pushed back. yesterday, the trump administration emailed members of congress saying two companies who submitted bids to build the wall but were not select did are now appealing the government's decision. construction for the prototypes were to begin last month in san diego but that has been delayed until november because of the objections from those companies. there are new development surrounding president trump's announcement that transgender americans will not be allowed to serve in the military. the pentagon says transgender troops can stay in uniform until the secretary of defense gets more clarification. >> the entire force and chain of command will, always has,
6:45 am
will today and will tomorrow and all we should treat every single soldier with dignity and respect for their service in the cloth of our nation. >> the president's announcement on wednesday seemed to surprise the defense department. it trigger protest in san francisco and around the country. the new white house communications director anthony scaramucci, says he will never trust a reporter again. while he did not apologize, he is trying to explain an interview with the new yorker magazine where he blast of white house chief of staff, reince priebus, and white house strategist, steve bannon. he says, they did not want president trump to hire him. in april profanity laced interview, scaramucci called the chief of staff a paranoid schizophrenic. he also bowed to go after any white house staffers who leak information to the media. he told that magazine "they will all be fired by me.
6:46 am
i fired one guy the other day. i have three or four people i will fire tomorrow. i will get to the person who leaked that to you. reince priebus -- if you want to leak something -- he will be asked to resign very shortly." after the interview came out, scaramucci tweeted -- i made a mistake and trusting a reporter. i won't make it again. we want to check in with gasia he was back with a look at what's coming up . good morning. right now, hackers are trying to break into more than 30 voting machines used in recent elections. but there is no need for alarm. how they are trying to get to the bottom of claims of russian tampering with the recent election in why one organizer of this hack-a-thon says this is a first. also, parents, you know what it's like slogging through seemingly endless pages of homework with your little one at the kitchen table. sometimes late into the night.
6:47 am
many adults are just as frustrated with homework as many children are but now there is a school district taking a controversial stand on homework. why one district said it is doing away with it completely and what's taking its place instead. the stories and more as we continue mornings on 2. >> i was just relearning some algebra. i was reminded why a lot of people do not like algebra. the gilroy garlic festival starts today featuring three days of food and drinks, arts and entertainment. >> the festival has everything garlic from garlic pickles, fries, steak, calamari and more. plus there is entertainment on three stages. the live cooking contest you see here, arts and crafts, wine tasting and a children's area. >> the festival runs from 10 am until 7 pm today through sunday
6:48 am
at christmas hill park. tickets are $20 per day for the adults. sal and i will handle all that stuff. sal is watching ever commute including our friends on highway 24. and thinking of garlic noodles. i am. good morning. remember, we have benifer hours. it's lunchtime. >> have you been to the place that has the crab -- >> the answer is, yes. of course. now you are making me hungry. i love that place. this is highway 24, westbound looks good. today is a nice traffic day as you drive in the east bay. this is the first time in a
6:49 am
while we've had a late friday and we will take it, thank you very much. there is a backup of the bay bridge but it is lighter than usual. you can see there is some waiting to do and some of those metal lanes. also looking at interstate 880 north- and southbound. traffic is moving well in both directions. if you look at the east bay, i've been looking for the red spots. there are not a lot but there is slow traffic on highway 4 through pittsburg and bay point. 680 looks good from venetia through walnut creek. good morning. mid 60s at the coast. mid 90s inland and everyone else falling in between. we have temperatures that continue to climb into the weekend. for today, tomorrow, sunday and all the way through the extended forecast, not a lot of change. mid to upper 60s along the coast. mid-seventies closer to santa cruz today. our bayside communities, upper 70s to upper 80s and inland communities, 90s and the forecast with some folks reaching near 100.
6:50 am
brentwood, 63. 56, oakland. 53, san francisco. if the four, half moon bay. 52, santa rosa. 61, san jose. afternoon highs today, 66, stinson beach. 88, nevada. it only warms up from there. 96, st. helena. 97, clear lake. mid-seventies in alameda. mid 90s in danville. upper 90s for brentwood. 89, san jose. 96, morgan hill. 95 in gilroy. highs the date will be 85 by lunch time. expect it to be a warm one turning hot for the second half of the day. 87, redwood city. upper 60s in san francisco. mid 60s for daly city. in lake tahoe today and through the weekend, nice weather when it comes to the temperatures. cool to start but low 80s in
6:51 am
the afternoon. a slight chance for thunderstorms along the sierra crest this afternoon. saturday, mostly sunny and a chance will return as we get into sunday. 20%. this time of year we begin to see that pileup on the lake in the afternoon. that is something to be aware of. have about the extended forecast? temperatures will show you that we will see those temperatures creep up and hold steady. upper 90s for inland cities. low to mid 80s expected for the bayside community. sunday it looks like it will be the warmest day. low to mid 60s for pacifica and half moon bay. mid-seventies for santa cruz. a key player is coming back. the warriors re-sign to valmiki. we will show you how he reacted. also, it is a very important day for tesla.
6:52 am
what is happening with the model 3 and what to expect from elon musk today.
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[ music ] that is pretty
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recent. young people, but your computers and send me a tweet. it is drink. -- it is drake. you used to call me on my cell phone. if there is a special song you wanted to hear, it wouldn't sound as good as if you said you used to text me on your cell phone. >> all right. call us. okay? >> return to the nba championship team for the warriors. and the fans love javale mcgee who posted this on social
6:56 am
media. he agreed to a one-year contract with the warriors of more than $2 million. he did talk about a longer-term deal but he is staying at home with the warriors. it worked out just fine. joke 12 low income veterans in san francisco have at least a few more months in their apartment. the city attorney is suing judy wu looking to demolish more than 15 rent-controlled apartments. she converted one home into six small apartments and has made similar conversions and other buildings. the city says many are not up to code but tenants worry about where they will go if they are evicted from these units. >> really i was confused about the whole matter not knowing what to do.
6:57 am
>> where is the city going to find 15 comparable units? these people do not deserve to be displaced. >> the commission agreed to continue until october to give the city more time to find proper housing for them. lawmakers have made an agreement on a deal for the department of veterans affairs. it includes more than $2 billion over six months for the veteran choice program which allows veterans to see a private doctor if they live too far away from a va hospital. the program had been projected to run out of money by next month. checked the golden gate bridge district is expected to approve a remodel to the golden gate bridge toll plaza calling for a
6:58 am
redesign. that is the familiar red structure. it was built to house human toll takers but humans do not work there anymore. the new designs do not have booths so there is actually more room for the cars reducing the risk of crash at the toll plaza. today is a big day for tesla motors. elon musk is handing over the keys to the first 30 model 3 owners in fremont . at $35,000, it is the first car that tesla plans to mass produce and deliver 1 million in the next three years. yesterday a tech reporter told us who those first owners will be. >> he has previously said that the first customers will be
6:59 am
tesla employees who have put their orders in because he would like to test the early editions of the model 3 so they can work out the final bugs. >> he is also expected to outline his grand vision for the future of tesla. 41 students from oakland tech are having quite a summer taking part in the internship program sponsored by intel. yesterday was a show and tell. these engineers and programmers to be showed off some of their projects ranging from burglar detection systems to gloss that allowed the disabled to retrieve the wheelchair by waving their hands. the goal of the program is to help diversify the industry while giving the students a chance to get involved. the amendment is not agreed to. >> the latest effort to repeal
7:00 am
and replace the affordable haircut act failed in the senate. what is next in the debate. >> fire crews investigated three more fires in antioch and is maybe the work of a serial arsonist.>> this is ktvu mornings on 2 . >> a gorgeous friday morning july 28. i am gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i am dave clark . we have rosemary right over here to talk about the weather. >> there is a place for you to go with temperatures in the 50s and the 60s already with a mild one starting out with upper 60s. here is a nice view with the mix of sun and clouds. we have mostly cloudy skies just inside the bay and seven sysco is 53 degrees with oakland 56 and here is


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